On-Site Technical Assistance and Troubleshooting

For Pavement Maintenance and Construction

On-Site Technical Assistance

Wright offers unparalleled, on-site technical assistance for user agencies and contractors.  By providing this service on-site, Wright is better able to analyze the situation, provide real-world solutions and deal with any additional issues that may occur.  This combined with Wright’s expert staff enables us to provide the most comprehensive on-site technical assistance available.


Troubleshooting is another personalized service that Wright provides its customers in an effort to fully support the products we manufacture.  By offering troubleshooting services, Wright can quickly and accurately determine problems that may have occurred and provide real-time solutions that can reduce unexpected costs and man hours.

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For more information on our TRMAC™ Process or to discuss your pavement maintenance or construction project with Wright Asphalt, give us a call at 281-452-9084.

Did You Know...

Wright Asphalt started with (2) goals when developing TRMAC based products:

  1. User Friendly
    No special equipment, no special handling requirements, no special testing requirements, no special characteristics beyond standard binders and SBS modified binders.

  2. Performance Based
    Meets all Super Pave Testing requirements. No special DSR gap settings, no elimination of solubility standards, no reduction in settelment and storage stability expectations and standards.