About Wright Asphalt

Leader in the Research & Development
of Eco-Friendly Asphalt Products

Since its beginning in 1952, Wright Asphalt Products Company has always been a leader in the research and development of asphalt products for pavement maintenance and construction applications because of our innovation and dedication to delivering superior asphalt products for increased field performance and life cycle.

What began in Texas as a single product designed for high volume chip seal applications has evolved in to a family of products capable of addressing all types of field conditions in both the preventive maintenance and construction markets, throughout the continental United States.

The Importance of Sustainability

Early on, Wright understood the importance of protecting the planet and utilizing sustainable products. As a result, we began researching alternatives for conventional asphalt products that could, most importantly, do its part in protecting the environment, while not interfering with the conventional methods of the application process.

Not only did we need to offer our customers an alternative asphalt product that would save them money because of its life cycle and sustainability, but we needed to make it cost-effective by not altering how the asphalt is applied, therefore, saving our customers money on additional overhead, like new equipment and training.

We began creating tire rubber modified products that could be applied with and stored in conventional equipment without the tire rubber “settling out”. Our unique process, utilizing Tire Rubber Modified Asphalt Cement (TRMAC™) Technology, delivers a smooth, homogenous asphalt product that can be used in conventional equipment and provide environmentally-friendly alternatives to traditional asphalt products.

Our Future as a Leader in the Industry
Because of the growing need for sustainable products, due to various factors like population growth and depletion of natural resources, our team at Wright Asphalt works diligently to research, develop and test new alternatives to conventional asphalt products. But until we find that new “latest and greatest” in asphalt technology, we will continue to expand our distribution capacity of our TRMAC™ asphalt products.

For more information on our TRMAC™ Process or to discuss your pavement maintenance or construction project with Wright Asphalt, give us a call at 281-452-9084.

Our People

Wright Asphalt has built our business centered on researching and developing quality materials for pavement maintenance and construction applications. However, none of that would have been possible without the professionals that make up our customer service and support team. Our team is unparalleled in the industry, delivering our customers the most innovative and superior asphalt products, as well as a full range of support services.

Our personnel are highly trained through our frequent educational seminars and classes, so that they remain up-to-date and knowledgeable on the latest procedures and regulations in the industry.